Championship Point (CP)


Behold The Championship Point (CP) for U1900 IPT Series FiDE RAPID Chess Championship for 2019-2020 cycle. We are targeting 8 IPT Series for this 1st Cycle in hope more momentum and support received by Chess lovers !

The Introduction of this U1900 IPT Series mainly to promote chess among IPT student , empowering youth toward the importance of intellectual sport, not just only for chess community but also general public to think creative, logical and rational thinking in decision making in our daily life.

The format will be in FiDE RAPID Individual Tournament Round – 7/8 with 15 min + 5 seconds control.

* All players are required to have a FiDE ID and Rating Rapid below 1900.

The concept of “Rapid IPT Series de Tour”, where Champion until 10th place will be awarded points (Championship Point or CP). The Top 10 players will get respectively points (Refers the table below) and whoever has the most points collectively until the Grand Finale (Final IPT Series) will be rewarded with a cash prize. This Grand Prize will be awarded from 1st to 10th places.

to at least participate MIN 4 events out of 8 IPT SERIES in 1 calendar cycle (2019-2020)

2) COMPULSORY to have FIDE ID and rating below 1900 Rapid ONLY

3) COMPULSORY to participate in the Grand Finale FiDE Rapid IPT Series.

For any inquires/collaboration/sponsorship, please contact

Event Organizer Iwan Schani Ibnu


(Whatsapp preferable, call if important)

2nd Place9
3rd Place8
4th Place7
5th Place6
6th Place5
7th Place4
8th Place3
9th Place2
10th Place1